Right to Know (Open Records)

Open-Records Officer:

Stacy Mattson
Waterford Borough
PO Box 486
Waterford, Pennsylvania 16441
Phone 814-796-4709
Fax 814-796-4678
Email: waterford.borough@aol.com

Requests For Records

All requests for records shall be submitted in writing to Open Records Officer by:

Mail to above address

Fax to above number

Delivery to:
Waterford Borough Office
30 S. Park Row
Waterford, PA 16441

Between the hours of 1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

On Monday,Tuesday and Thursday

Requests may be used using our Right to Know Act Request Form or the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records Uniform Request Form.


The following fees will be payable for copies of public records before delivery of the records.

  • Copies – 25 cents per page ( 50 cents for each page with double-sided copy)
  • Certification – $1.00 per record
  • Records (such as plans, color copies, non-standard size documents) – Actual cost
  • Actual cost of postage if records mailed
  • 10 cents per page if records are faxed at the instruction of Requester
  • Reasonable costs necessarily incurred by the Borough in order to comply with the request (e.g. to retrieve records from the archives)
  • Other costs permitted by the Open Records Law
  • Of the total fees are likely to exceed $100.00, prepayment of the estimated amount will be due upon request.

The Open Records Officer will respond in consultation with the Solicitor, as appropriate, in accordance with ten requirements of the Right to Know Law. Requests shall be reviewed as soon as possible, and a response shall be made within 5 business days. Whenever feasible, a records inspection (if requested) or copies of the records requested shall be made available within 5 business days. If access to certain records is denied, the response will indicate the reason.

If a written request is denied or deemed denied, the requester may file an appeal in writing to Terry Muthcler, Executive Director, Office of Open Records, Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North St., Plaza Level, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225.

An appeal shall be filed within 15 days of the mailing date of the Borough’s response or within 15 business days of a deemed denial. The appeal shall state the grounds upon which the requester asserts the record(s) is/are a public record and shall address any grounds stated by the Borough for delaying or denying the request.

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Meetings and Events

Council Meeting

Next meeting is February 8, 2022 at 7pm at Waterford Borough Municipal Building, 30 South Park Row, Waterford, PA 16441

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2022 Proposed Budget

Waterford Borough Council Meetings 2022
Waterford Borough Council Meetings 2022 will be held at the Waterford Municipal Building, 30 South Park Row, Waterford, PA 16441 at 7 pm.

January 3, 2022 – Reorganization Meeting

January 11, 2022

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Leaf Pickup

Mondays and Thursdays will be East and West pick-up
Tuesdays and Fridays will be North and South pick-up
Wednesdays will be clean-up in the park